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Did you know we offer gift certificates?  Well, we do!  And this husband knew that’s exactly what his wife would want– and he was right!  He shared about how much she loved having pictures of their family, but it’d been awhile since they’d had them done.

It’s so true… mommas want pictures with their families!  As a mom myself, I can say, we really do cherish those memories.  Part of it is having the pictures, the other part is remembering the session– and this session was quite memorable!  As we were taking pictures on the dock & swatting at flies, gnats, and everything else, a water moccasin slithered underneath, taunting us.  And I have to say, this was the very first time I was swatted in the head by a client!  But it was all in the name of killing that darn horsefly that just loved us.  🙂  I love memories like this, though– it makes the pictures that much more memorable!