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Personal // First Home Progress

I haven’t shared much about our home because, well, there hasn’t been much to update!  We bought our first home in October after renting for the first 7.5 years of marriage.  We were surprised to find everything we wanted in a home & it’s really been an amazing experience!

I’m always amazed when someone invites me over to their house three weeks after moving in and every room is perfect.  What the heck?  We’ve been here a solid 6 months and our spare bedroom looks like the day we moved in.  I really admire people who are able to complete everything so quickly!  That’s just not us.  We do tiny step by tiny step, not buying anything until we’re really sure we want it, and we find it on a good deal.  And if it comes between family time, business work, or getting the house decorated, the house is always going to lose, and that’s a decision we can live with.

In all our previous moves, our master bedroom has always the last room to be finished, so this time I wanted to change that.  Yeah… that didn’t happen.  I bought a new bedspread and painted the walls & then abruptly stopped everything.  I changed my mind & didn’t like the paint colors picked out.  Then I ran out of paint.  And after a month or two, I got sick of the bedspread, too.  Here it is the day we signed papers:

And here it is today (different view):See the vent in the bottom right of the picture?  Yeah… that’s where I ran out of paint.  The wall behind the bed is also few shades darker than the rest of the room (you can see that more clearly below).   That was intentional, and I like it.  The paint colors were a little more of a blue-gray rather than a brown-gray that I had originally wanted.  They’re not bad, but there was a buy-one-get-one free paint sale last month & I definitely stocked up to repaint this room!I should also probably put some things on the walls.  🙂  But not until I’m positive about the colors/theme I want in there.  Speaking of which, when we moved in there were a lot of wall hangings that had served us well in apartment life, but just didn’t seem to fit the style of our new home.  Many of those have been banished to our bonus room.  Oh… the bonus room.  It took me awhile to warm up to this room.  Despite having brand new carpet, a ceiling fan, and access to my very own laundry room (a whole room dedicated to laundry??  Yes!), I was just having trouble loving this room.  Until…Until we put a pool table in it.  I mean, seriously, this is the only thing that makes sense in this room!  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?  Josh fell in love with these knotty pine walls, and then a friend offered us their pool table for a ridiculous deal that we couldn’t refuse.  It’s turned into a sort of man cave.

And that’s how we ended up with a pool table in our house.  It’s mega cool, but also totally weirds me out to have that sort of luxury.  But we are enjoying the heck out of it.  As an extra added bonus, I’ll put the cover on, dump clean laundry on it, and suddenly, all the laundry gets folded!  🙂  It’s funny how things motivate us when we want to play a game of pool.

That’s all for now, but I’d love suggestions you have for the bedroom… and even the bonus room!

  1. Sheyenne says:

    I Love it! That man cave is great! What are you thinking for window treatments in the master? We are hoping to move into a rental that has high windows like that and I have no idea what to do with them! Do you hang regular curtains? Or just blinds? Roman shades?

  2. scusan13 says:

    Thanks Sheyenne! I had such a hard time with those windows and window treatments! We currently have 2 sets of blinds & 3 cheap pull down shades on them because that’s what came with the house. I think we’re going to get some new shades and just leave it at that for awhile. The windows are small so I don’t want to cover them up with curtains, and I think curtains might look a little weird up there. Pinterest didn’t really have much in the way of inspiration, either. I have fallen in love with the high windows, though. We have the same windows in Hazel’s room & I’m brainstorming ways to put blackout curtains in there without making it look weird because it’s so bright during her naptime.