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Life May Get Messy | First Anniversary Session | Mikaela + Mike

Life may get messy, but we always have each other.

That’s what Mikaela sent me when she was describing their plans for their first anniversary session.  Isn’t that so true?  The first year of marriage is so messy.  Getting used to the other person, combining bills, and all the other firsts.  It was the perfect theme.

We started out with some momentos from their wedding and the top tier of their wedding cake that had been expertly wrapped and frozen by Mikaela’s mom, Alice.  We laughed over memories from the wedding day– the sunglasses for everyone in attendance (which were quite helpful!), and the rain that poured at the end of the ceremony.  It was fun to reminisce with them about one of the most special days of their lives– one that I was there to witness!

And after the cake, the romantic photos, and the fun, we drove to the perfect spot for a good ol’ paint fight.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  Imagine paint being thrown at you– it’s hard not to run!  But they were champs, celebrating the messy, and dealing with thousands of gnats (and baby mosquitos?) flying around their heads.

Thank you, Mikaela + Mike, for once again making an unforgettable session with your vibrant love for life!

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