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Christy Haygood | Lifestyle Headshots

Ok, I’m totally cheating here.  Christy and I went to high school together and despite both living away from our hometown, we magically end up visiting at the same times nearly every year!  It’s uncanny, and proves how in sync we are.  She’s the mastermind behind this incredible blog about intentional living and I love how […]

Headshots, Lifestyle Headshots

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Davis Family | Canton, NC Family Photographer

In 2005 Josh and I were engaged and we still led pretty separate lives.  We lived in different counties, went to different churches, and were excited to begin to combine our lives.  One Sunday I was visiting his church and there was a guest pastor who was about to plant a church in the county […]

Family, Mini Session, Photo Sessions

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Creekbed Mini Session with the Heiny Family |Chimney Rock, NC

This goes down on record for being the fastest mini session I’ve ever done!  We were racing against the rain and… got poured on.  Our equipment is weather sealed, so I wasn’t concerned about that, but it started raining so hard that you could see the raindrops in the photos, and everyone was absolutely drenched.  HUGE […]

Family, Mini Session

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