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Bloopers and Behind the Scenes from 2015

Don’t get too excited– they aren’t bloopers from our films, although we’re totally going to try that for next year!  But over the year we’ve saved a few of our favorite gems to show you.  Some are funny, some are technical, but all give you a behind the scenes look at what we do on a wedding day.  And you’ll probably notice that all of them are different!  Each wedding is wildly different and we take a different approach, so I hope you enjoy!

We’ll start out with a very normal day.  Beautiful bright sun, gorgeous bridesmaids, and me wearing sequins and pink directing the crowds.  You can see the whole wedding here.  Thanks Emily for getting these behind the scene shots!

Yeah, that last one looks like pure chaos.  And maybe it kind of was, but I love large families, so it doesn’t bother met.  Here are the final results!
In May we did photo & video for my brothers wedding at Appalachian Farm Weddings in Waynesville, NC.  Click here to see their photos and video.  Covering a siblings wedding is tricky, but it also has its perks– like, I already know who needs to be in half the family photos and I know everyone’s quirks.  I knew organizing the extended family photo was going to be the trickiest part of the day!  My family is great, but someone is always goofing off– it’s just what we do!

Here’s me setting up the extended family photo…

And completely ignoring my husband and daughter in the bottom right.  Sorry babe– I had no clue you needed help!The final photo!  This is my siblings, their kids, my parents, and my grandparents.  Goodness, I love them so much!
Josh wanted to be an honorary groomsmen here on the left… and I cornered my niece and suckered her into taking a sibling picture here on the right.  I love this photo because between the 5 of us, we hardly look alike– until now!  And I definitely got the short gene in our family.Sometimes we get little gems that we don’t notice when we’re taking the picture, like this one from my niece Rylie.  She’s holding her sign with her foot!
Here’s another wedding from Hendersonville, NC (it’s right outside of Asheville).  Josh was fluffing her dress, I was testing the lighting, and well…And if you haven’t checked out her bridal session, you definitely should!!  We ended up in a cloud at sunrise… it was pretty epic.

Here was another mountain wedding, but this time in Harrisonburg, VA at Sunny Slope Farm!  This is a pullback shot from where I chose to do detail pictures.  They already had the ‘hello darling’ art as part of their decoration, so I utilized it for details.  You can see the final images below, or you can check out the full wedding here.Oh boy… this next wedding was one for the books!  We affectionately call it the reverse wedding.  The timeline of the day was cocktail hour, dinner, ceremony, reception.  And then it poured the rain so hard that the outdoor ceremony was moved indoors right before the bride was to walk down the aisle.  Everything took place at Miller Hall at the College of William and Mary, which is just gorgeous.  This is the perfect example of why it’s crucial to have great relationships with other professionals in our field, as we brought in some friends/colleagues, Luke & Ashley to film this day for us.  Originally, Josh was going to be there the first half of the day filming, and they would cover the last half without him.  Except on that day he got sick.  Very sick.  So sick the staff at the doctors office was feeling sorry for him.  He couldn’t stand up or walk, much less film a wedding, and was highly contagious.  So, Luke & Ashley stepped in for the entire day and filmed it just as we would.  Lindsey was a gracious, go-with-the-flow-I-trust-you type of bride, and lets just say we produced a set of wedding photos and a film that we were proud to put our name on.  You can’t always plan life, but you can have back-up plans, and ours came to the rescue!  Huge thanks to Luke & Ashley for being there for us with the utmost professionalism.  And a big thank you to Emily (second photo on the right) for second shooting not only that wedding, but several other weddings with us this year on the photo side!  For us, it’s crucial to have not only talent, but people skills and professionalism, and Emily aces all of that!You can see the full film here and the photos here!We cover a lot more than just weddings, and this year we filmed and photographed our first funeral.  Another industry colleague had recommended us (one we worked with at this wedding) and we found ourselves in Charlottesville for a two day Vietnamese Buddhist funeral.  Perhaps one of the most rewarding things about this job is that we get to see things and peek into lives where we normally wouldn’t have the opportunity.And to lighten it up… here are a few fun family bloopers!  I have affectionately titled this one Marriage.  You can see more from their session here.And this one? Parenthood.  Seriously– as we were walking out to the location, the mom here said, “I just hope she doesn’t spit up on her dress.”  Annnndddd in the very first photo it went down the tubes.  Here’s the full post.And one more fun one for good measure because who doesn’t love a good brawl for the garter?  This one is from Alyssa + Brandon’s wedding! See more of their photos here, and their video here.